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Rotator Cuff Injuries

'Rotator Cuff' is a term used for a group of four small muscles that play a significant role in controlling your shoulder's movement. Your shoulder joint is very complex and can move in many varied directions, so over the years, typically between the ages of 40-60yrs, injuries to the rotator cuff become far more common.

In the early stages you may experience pain on the side of your shoulder with tasks above your head or behind your back. At this stage your rotator cuff is pinching, more accurately termed 'Impingement'. If left untreated, a section of your rotator cuff may tear and the most common culprit is a muscle called 'Supraspinatus'. This is very common, and if it is a significant tear, it may lead to arthroscopic surgery.

The good news. If treated early, Physio can help significantly by releasing the accumulated tension and tightness of your rotator cuff that has led to you experiencing pinching and shoulder pain. 

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