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Headaches come in all shapes and sizes. There have been over 300 types of headaches documented.
Physiotherapy will have greatest benefit in headaches that are associated with your neck. The over-use of muscles that attach to your neck and the base of your skull can often cause headaches. The tension of the muscles can pull on the facet joints of your neck, limit there available movement, and cause stiffness and irritability at the base of the skull. This often leads to a 'Cervicogenic Headache'.
Physiotherapy can help allieviate such headaches by releasing the tension of the over-worked muscles, improve the movement of the underlying facet joints of the neck, and through teaching some specific and individually tailored stretching and strengthening exercises.

You may believe that your headache is caused by alcohol, chocolate or your menstrual cycle, and has nothing to do with your neck. However, very often there is an underlying neck issue that is the source of the headache, and it is simply the addition of alcohol, chocolate or your cycle that tips it over the edge. You may find that by neglecting to eat or drink certain foods does not eliminate your headaches, then this indicates that your neck is the likely 'driver' of the problem.  
One last tip. Once the headaches have been relieved, they will return unless you make some lifestyle changes. Good examples of how to keep headaches away is to avoid prolonged sitting, be mindful of your posture, exercise and use heat when you feel a niggle. 


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